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What is STARAMBA all about? Understand what we do and how you can by Staramba

This way every party benefits from a more efficient process and reduced fees by cutting out expensive third-parties. By combining Staramba’s photogrammetric 3D scanning expertise with Dacuda’s mobile scanning capabilities the two companies have developed an app which promises to bring the advantages of high quality 3D image capturing everywhere. Staramba has already used its imaging experience to create lifer-like 3D models of celebrities such as top football players and even the Pope. “The fact that they are trusted by so many international stars is one of the reasons why we chose too work with Staramba,” said Dr. Peter Weigan, CEO of Dacuda. “We have never seen any 3D character that is so lifelike as those created by Staramba”.

Staramba also launched its beta version of the VR experience, Staramba.spaces. In this time period, Staramba increased its revenue from around €1 million in 2015 to around €16 million last year while its shares also drastically climbed from just €6 in May 2016 to €60 today. The objective here is limited volatility, comparable with a basecoin approach, but here for a dedicated branded currency.

  1. Staramba is a company founded only in the 2014, in Germany, when it started with its innovative technology scanning and realizing 3D avatars, identical to the original, with the purpose to create a database of virtual celebrities.
  2. This way every party benefits from a more efficient process and reduced fees by cutting out expensive third-parties.
  3. Looking at 99SC’s most recent €4.02M liabilities, the company has not maintained a sufficient level of current assets to meet its obligations, with the current ratio last standing at 0.83x, which is below the prudent industry ratio of 3x.
  4. The initial idea, though, is the one to start with something relatively easy.
  5. The smart contract divides the shares in the different parts and directly transfers the shares to the parties.

Many institutions measure their performance against an index that approximates the local market. So they usually pay more attention to companies that are included in major indices. Even if you do not want to participate in MATERIA.ONE you have the possibility to integrate STARAMBA.Tokens as payment method in your shop system. Also if the shopping cart is filled with products from different stores and brands it is possible to get separated invoices to the customers and even do separated royalty splits. To learn more about Staramba and its upcoming massive ITO, please visit the official website at

Staramba’s first residents will be the first landowners in this new universe. You decide Staramba’s destiny and reap the profits as brands and consumers build the experiences and products of the future. ► The STARAMBA.token will be used for all transactions within their VR universe such as buying and selling goods and services in game — even a massive virtual real estate market!

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During the Initial Consumer Engagement Phase, supporters benefit from special marketing events, airdrops. Inviting friends and taking part in surveys and interaction as part of marketing calls are especially rewarded here. Since early support for the development of STARAMBA.spaces and the success of the Initial Token Offering (ITO) is particularly important, airdrops are bigger in the beginning rather than in the end of this phase. Specific information on how to qualify for airdrops will be disclosed before the airdrop phase, as well as when and how the STARAMBA.Token account is credited. It has a market capitalization of just €5.3m, and insiders have €500k worth of shares, in their own names.

99SC has built up its total debt levels in the last twelve months, from €1.54M to €2.79M – this includes both the current and long-term debt. With this increase in debt, 99SC currently has €13.96K remaining in cash and short-term investments for investing into the business. Moving onto cash from operations, its operating what is staramba cash flow is not yet significant enough to calculate a meaningful cash-to-debt ratio, indicating that operational efficiency is something we’d need to take a look at. For this article’s sake, I won’t be looking at this today, but you can take a look at some of 99SC’s operating efficiency ratios such as ROA here.


Many more areas will be available in the near future including a 360° movie dome, a real estate office, a casino dome, a casting dome and a sports bar. The second phase is called Seed Circular Economy and begins with the changeover of STARAMBA.Tokens of class D to Token class C (according to the Leondrino Standard). This phase is distinguished by the fact that henceforth the STARAMBA.Token can be used for the sale of an initially limited STARAMBA.spaces goods and services offer in the form of pre-orders. The Growth Circular Economy is the third phase of the STARAMBA.Token lifecycle, where there is a changeover from Token class C to Token class B. But we can’t rely on that fact alone, since institutions make bad investments sometimes, just like everyone does. If multiple institutions change their view on a stock at the same time, you could see the share price drop fast.

Staramba and Dacuda Partner to Create an App to “3D Scan Them All”

Our data indicates that Private Companies hold 53%, of the company’s shares. Sometimes insiders have an interest in a public company through a holding in a private company, rather than in their own capacity as an individual. While it’s hard to draw any broad stroke conclusions, it is worth noting as an area for further research. To help readers see pass the short term volatility of the financial market, we aim to bring you a long-term focused research analysis purely driven by fundamental data. Note that our analysis does not factor in the latest price sensitive company announcements. The author is an independent contributor and at the time of publication had no position in the stocks mentioned.

And at the forefront of the extensive development in virtual reality is Germany-based producer of products and services for the VR market, Staramba. As the STARAMBA.Tokens work with blockchain technology and have customized smart contracts a fast and secure payment to all different parties is given. E.g. if a customer buys a jersey of his favorite football club there are at least two parties who get a share – the football club and the seller. The smart contract divides the shares in the different parts and directly transfers the shares to the parties. This way a royalty report is redundant as both parties directly get their share. The star.spaces available from the beginning will include musicstars, lots of Soccer- and Football-Stars, as well as entertainment celebrities!

Staramba.spaces — world’s first Social VR experience

Obviusly, all of this will be possible thanks to a VR viewer, like Oculus Rift DK2. Staramba.spaces is composed of different areas, all represented by single islands arranged around a central meeting point. Areas that will be available for the launch is the main hub, which is a departure point for every social VR experience, a place where users can date, chat and meet with friends. By mid-2017, Staramba’s 3D database was launched as part of its preparation for VR applications. Only a month later, Staramba became the first operator of free photogrammetry scanners in the world, the 3D Instagraph Fusion.

STARAMBA SE: Pre-Sale of the in-house crypto currency STARAMBA.Token sold out

Again, this is yet another blockchain-based social VR space that I plan to watch (from the sidelines) as it develops. Mark my words, all of these companies in this increasingly-crowded marketplace are not going to survive. Other official licensing partners include the English Football Association, Paris Hilton, SLASH and KISS. It expects further A-listers from the worlds of entertainment, music and sport to join in the future. The second product is Staramba’s extensive VR database, which includes more than 7,000 photorealistic 3D characters of international celebrities and private models.

Full access is available through the online navigator or through the developer-friendly VR API. This makes the casting of sophisticated 3D characters for professional VR, AR, gaming or CGI productions incredibly simple. The 3D Instagraph Pro and 3D Instagraph Fusion link industrial strength and smart process automation to one of the most advanced full-body scanning systems available on the market without the need for involvement of operators. The cloud-based software platform unleashes the power of the brand new 3D rendering engine. Originally founded in 2014, Staramba won licensing partnerships in the sports, music and entertainment industry, ranging from the likes of Marvel, NFL, WWE, FC Bayern, Kiss, Elvis Presley and much more.