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Twitch Bots: 8 Great Chatbots to Upgrade Your Twitch Stream Level

Free Chatbots for Twitch & Youtube

chatbots for twitch

Just like Nightbot, you can add mini-games like “8-ball” with just a click of a button. Everyone who has been to Twitch has come in contact with at least one chat bot. If “Moobot” or “Nightbot” rings a bell, you’ve shared an experience with many others that has become a staple for many streams. If a chatbot has reached the rate limits for messages, authentications, or joins; the bot’s developer may request verified bot status.

  • This allows for a swift response to inappropriate behavior, saving the streamer the hassle of manual moderation.
  • Regardless of the type of bot you choose, they can all help you save time and improve your channel’s overall performance.
  • So, different Twitch Chat Bots make your streams better, more manageable, and entertaining to another level.
  • They have to make sure everyone is feeling heard, welcomed, and entertained, all while focusing on whatever game or music they’re playing.
  • With over 11 interactive modules and minigames within the chatbot, StreamElements seems like the full package for a lot of streamers.

Own3d Pro is a chatbot that also offers you branding for your stream. The pro option also gives you access to over 300 premium overlays and alerts, letting you try out several different options to see what best suits your audience. It truly makes your overall branding a breeze and allows you to quickly set up a professional-looking channel. PhantomBot is one of the topTwitchchatbots where you can easily alter the code base and customize the features according to your requirements. But that is not what makes this platform best for Twitch users. Instead, it comes loaded with an array of upgraded features frequently.


Have you ever thought about making more functional? If such thoughts occur to you, it is time to learn more about the best Twitch bots. After you’ve given your bot the authorization to be linked with your streaming channel, move on to the bot’s dashboard. No matter if your channel has three average viewers or a hundred (maybe more), we’d suggest you make your channel better and your life easier as soon as you can.

With this, you can easily work on overlays and modify the template arrangements accordingly. Most streamers use Twitch to stream live videos, interact with fellow streamers, and grow a fan base network. Although the platform is filled with intuitive features and outstanding functions, managing your chats can become a huge problem. Moobot is a brilliant and high-quality chatbot that you can use to moderate your chat. Streamers have little control over who enters their chat, and there are some bad eggs every now and then that will need banning for whatever reason.

How To Buy Twitch Chat Bots

Requesting the membership capability allows your bot to receive JOIN and PART messages when users join and leave the chat room. Or, if your bot requests command capabilities, your bot can send PRIVMSG messages that contain Twitch chat commands like /ban and /uniquechat. When you use Twitch commands, the server may send your bot NOTICE messages or Twitch-specific messages like CLEARCHAT to let you know whether the command succeeded. You’ll also receive these messages if the chat room’s moderator enters the same commands in the chat. For information about Twitch capabilities, see Twitch-specific IRC capabilities.

Features for giveaways and certain commands allow things to pop up on your screen. Donations are one of several ways that streamers make money through their channels. There are also countless functions you can set Nightbot up to do in your stream. However, some of Nightbot’s more advanced features, such as custom APIs and song requests, require a paid subscription. Additionally, some users have reported issues with Nightbot not responding or working properly, which can be frustrating.

However, once you get a Twitch Chat Bot, you need to set it up in your Twitch Chat Room. Now, this setup process can be quite tricky, and you may need help with the same. Moreover, while the chat bots are free, getting them is not very easy.

chatbots for twitch

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