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How to play Lieng dream99 card game


Bai Lieng at dream99 card game portal

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Lieng is a card game with rules based on the usual 52-card deck of cards like most other card games. Of course, the deck will remove 2 Joker cards. This card game is also known as Scratch Cards. This comes from the fact that Lieng card game rules will be combined from two card games: scratch cards and Poker.

A Lieng table at the Dream99 card game portal will have a maximum of 9 players, on the contrary, only 2 players are needed for a Lieng table to start. In addition, when playing Lieng at Dream99, players will be able to choose many different tables to participate. List of Lieng tables at Dream99 card game portal includes:

Table with a bet of 100
Table with a bet of 500
Table with a bet of 5,000
Table with a bet of 20,000
Table with a bet of 50,000
Table with a bet of 100,000
Note: To qualify to participate in these tables, the Dream99 card game portal stipulates that the amount of money in your account must be 10 times the amount to bet. Therefore, you must balance the amount of money in your account to be able to find a suitable table to play.

Detailed instructions for playing Lieng on Dream99
Sacred game rules
Before entering a game of Lieng, the card game portal Dream99 will ask you to choose the amount of money to bring to the table. At this point, it’s up to you whether you choose more or less. When all players in a Lieng table are ready. Dream99’s computer system will deal cards to all players present on the table. At that time, each player will be dealt 3 cards by the system. Based on the cards they have in hand, players can take the following actions:

View: After receiving the cards, if you want to continue with the game, the player must click View. Players can only watch when no one has raised the table.
Raising: The act of raising the bet on the table to another level. The amount of this bet will be more or less depending on your choice. The smallest bet amount will be equal to the table money, while the largest bet amount you can bet will be equal to the total amount of money you have.
According: When a player raises on that table, to continue the game, the player will choose Theo. When this choice is made, the dealer will have to bet an amount equal to the total bet placed by the previous raiser.
Set: The player folds the card and does not continue the game. At that time, the player will lose all money bet on the game.
All in: Players bet all the money they have on hand.
In the Lieng card game at Dream99, each player at the table will have 30 seconds to carry out their playing actions. After every player has made all of their actions. The computer system at Dream99 will turn over the cards of all players. Then the player with the higher set of cards will win that game. The winner of the game will be the one who wins all bets on the table.

Collection of articles in Lieng

Wax: The player’s hand includes 3 cards of the same number. Sap is the largest collection of cards in Lieng. A wax suit consisting of 3 Aces will be the largest wax deck. Meanwhile, Wax set 2 will be the smallest wax set.

Lieng: The player’s hand is three consecutive cards. The highest Lieng is Q, K, A. Meanwhile, the lowest Lieng is A, 2, 3. In case two players both have Lieng, the one with the higher Lieng will win. When there are two equal cards, the card with the highest quality will be compared.

Photo: When all three cards the player has are Western cards. When the players all have Photos, they will compare to the highest quality of the card. If they are equal, they will compare the cards, order J < Q < K.

Points: When considering cards, if the player only has a pair left, the higher pair will win. When the player’s cards do not have Sap, Lieng, or Photo, scoring will begin. The points of the cards will be calculated as follows:

Cards from 1 to 9 are counted according to the number on the card
Cards 10, J, Q, K will have a score of 0
The highest score of 3 cards is 9 and the lowest is 0
Calculate bets
When comparing card scores, if the player loses, they will lose all the money they bet on in the game. The player who wins the game will be the one who receives the entire bet amount in the game. However, it will not be 100% of the money on the table, the calculation will be as follows:

Winnings = (Player 1’s total bet * 0.98) + (Player 2’s total bet * 0.98) + (Player 3’s total bet * 0.98) + (Player 4’s total bet * 0.98) +…+ ( Player’s total bet n * 0.98)

>Experience playing Lieng
Bluff in Lieng
Bluff is a strategy in Poker. Accordingly, Bluff is understood to mean that you will raise or All in to hit your opponent’s psychology hard to force them to fold. Players will Bluff in case their cards are not high enough. However, in reality this is a difficult and extremely risky technique.

According to Lieng playing experience, you only go to Bluff when you have nothing left to lose. Because remember, a Lieng table will have a maximum of 9 players. Therefore, bluffing will be very dangerous.

Do not eat duck eggs before playing Lieng
Many people believe that eating duck eggs will help them get rid of bad luck. However, for Lieng players, it works

Eating duck eggs is a taboo. This is because the word “Fluff” in Balut will make your playing results always unlucky. Of course this is a rather superstitious way of thinking. However, it’s best for you to be careful. Because there is worship, there is sacredness, and there is abstinence, there is goodness.

Prepare yourself mentally well before playing
As mentioned, Lieng card game rules have regulations such as raise and all in. Therefore, the total bet in a game can increase very quickly. In case the total bet in the game increases too quickly, the player’s psychology will certainly be more or less affected. At that time, the decision you make will no longer be accurate.

According to experience, you should just consider Lieng as a card game for entertainment, don’t pay too much attention to money. You only bet if your hand is really good. However, if the card is too small, it is best to Skip.

Choose a table with few people
A Lieng table at Dream99 can have up to 9 players. Therefore, your chance of winning is only 11.11% if you participate in such tables. However, if you choose a table with fewer people, your chances of winning will increase.

Bai Lieng is an extremely attractive card game at the card game portal Dream99. Surely this will be a card game that will not disappoint you when betting. Don’t forget to join the Dream99 card game portal today to receive attractive incentives.