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Chatbot Design: Top 10 Steps to Design Your Chatbot in 2023

How to Design a Conversational Chatbot

how to design chatbot

Clear instructions and prompts should be provided throughout the chatbot conversation, and should be personalized to the user’s needs and preferences. There are many chatbot platforms available, ranging from simple drag-and-drop tools to more advanced development frameworks. When choosing a chatbot platform, consider the level of customization and control you need, the size and complexity of your chatbot project, and the availability of integrations with messaging channels. When done correctly and in the appropriate context, a chatbot personality can be a valuable tool for companies looking to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • She needed to be as transparent as possible, never defaulting to a generic “sounds good” for fear of alienating the people who rely on her when they don’t feel comfortable confiding in humans.
  • By continually improving NLP algorithms, chatbots can provide more accurate and relevant responses, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Once the outline is ready, you can then mark each item as a chatbot
    message (requiring no user input) or chatbot request (requiring
    user input).
  • The chatbot is embedded in the core value of the product this time.
  • Flow building offers endless possibilities and mastering this art is key to create a bot with a natural and engaging conversation.

Real users would be connecting with the chatbot and interacting. For example, if all customers have the same question and you already have an article answering it, the chatbot can share the document. In case of NLP, the bots train themselves to answer based on past interactions with customers having similar intent. You can retain your color scheme and brand logo in the bot header to provide a branded conversational experience. A renowned hospital, Zydus Hospital did exactly that by naming its bot “Zye” which assists website visitors in getting their answers. Flow building offers endless possibilities and mastering this art is key to create a bot with a natural and engaging conversation.


People appreciate honesty and it is better to fail gracefully than keep them on the line longer than they need to be. You should also learn from the experience and review and recraft the chatbot workflow to incorporate new steps or pathways to address the issue and ultimately improve the user experience. As with any other business solution, it’s important to monitor and analyze the performance of a chatbot to ensure it’s delivering the expected results.

how to design chatbot

We call this chart a flow map, which is the outline or dialog tree of the entire chatbot experience. Conversation designers often create these flow maps using tools like, Miro or Figma, and use them as a reference guide when creating their script and their prototype. No longer having to wait for a human to join a live chat, or wait on hold on the phone is a huge benefit of chatbots. According to Salesforce, 59% of customers prefer self-service when they have a simple question or issue. A customer can also choose to chat at the time that works best for them because of the always-on nature of a chatbot. They can, and if they want to pick up the conversation at a later time or even another day, they have the ability to do so.

Design and prototyping tools for voice interfaces

You need to click any button and type in the text you want for bot and user, respectively. Botmock supports platforms such as Dialogflow, RASA, Microsoft Bot, Lex, and Alexa. When you scale up your use cases, your design needs to scale, and it needs to be consistent. A generic chatbot is also supported, which gives you more control over design and deployment. Once you’ve chosen a cultural identity, look up statistics tables for baby names that were popular for (real) people born during the same generation as your chatbot. Usually, a name somewhere in the top 20 on the list will be a great choice for your chatbot and will leap out at you as the obvious choice.

how to design chatbot

If the chatbot says nothing but “I can’t help with that” in response, then the chatbot has failed. Our hypothetical payroll system could instead build goodwill by explaining the system to a member and recommending they speak to their HR representative. First, the bot is not intended for one-off solutions, but rather as an ongoing emotional support tool. This means the bot needed to have a variety of responses, so as to avoid sounding repetitive. Second, as a health-related bot, Vivibot needed to address sensitive subjects.

Build your own chatbot and grow your business!

We conducted two Agile design sprints within two years of each other, leading to knowledge sharing, product alignment, and design prototypes. We used the prototypes to guide our product strategy and to build a real product in sprints. Build a strong personality for your chatbot, whether it’s serious, funny, or sarcastic.

how to design chatbot

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