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10 Generative AI Supply Chain Use Cases in 2023

7 Ways in which Cloud and AI can boost integrated logistics

supply chain ai use cases

The analyst could also ask AI to generate a request for the supplier’s involvement in monthly reviews until their OTIF rate is above 97%. This illustrates how generative AI can democratize data access and retrieval through conversational interactions with AI chatbots. Generative AI truly excels in capturing complex relationships and adjusting to dynamic conditions, which sets it apart from traditional AI in supply chain applications. Despite its growth, generative AI still grapples with challenges like accuracy, bias, and anomalous outputs.

supply chain ai use cases

Overall, the Forecasting Accuracy, i.e., the reduction of the percentage error rate in the prediction compared to the prediction of the actual production data, is to be reduced by ten per cent. A high level of forecasting accuracy indicates that a supply chain is robust and able to effectively anticipate demand fluctuations [39]. A significant part of the robustness and resilience of production processes and the supply chain is provided by the increase in digitalisation [20,21,22,23]. Modern technologies allow both more precise and accelerated processing of operations. On the one hand, this relates to communication between value-creation partners per se; on the other hand, with the help of these technologies, it is possible to carry out extensive data analyses that cannot be done by humans alone. Artificial intelligence can independently develop solutions to emerging problems based on dynamic models.

Top 20 AI Applications in the Supply Chain

In his previous role, he transformed marketing analytics to build trust across the organization through transparency and clarity. Leverage IoT sensors and production automation mechanics to increase/decrease products and increase quality based on real-time customer feedback. Plan your supply on a component level with dynamic replenishment based on raw material planning. Machine learning provides business leaders with valuable insights that can help them make better decisions. ML can recommend products that are in excess and automatically reduce prices to clear inventory accordingly.

supply chain ai use cases

Its ability to process data and reduce human error can translate into huge opportunities for efficiency improvements in the last-mile space. Lastly, machine algorithms could help companies determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to handle returns, taking into account brick-and-mortar locations, warehouses, shipping routes, and carrier performance. The platform can oversee a large number of vehicles without human intervention in various locations, such as ports, logistics hubs, parking lots, and service centers. For example, Symbotic, a provider of AI-enabled robotics technology for the supply chain, offers robotic case pick capabilities that can help distributors serve retail customers. For instance, the LevelLoad solution from ProvisionAI analyzes shipment patterns and identifies spikes in demand over the next 30 days.

Global trade optimization

Ensuring the interpretability and explainability of generative AI models is crucial for gaining stakeholders’ trust and acceptance. Generative AI in healthcare refers to the application of generative AI techniques and models in various aspects of the healthcare industry. Moreover, AI can expedite supplier onboarding by fast-tracking internal legal reviews.

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How AI is Proving as a Game Changer in Manufacturing – Use ….

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By analyzing patterns and anomalies in data, AI can quickly detect potential fraud, ensuring that supply chain transactions are secure and trustworthy. AI is effective in automating document processing by scanning and converting documents into digital format for faster retrieval and storage. It can identify documents and cross-check them for accuracy, eliminating costly manual data entry.

Top 10 use cases for AI and ML in Supply Chain and Logistics :

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supply chain ai use cases

How does AI affect international supply chain management?

AI has the potential to improve performance in supply chain management from an Agile and Lean perspective by increasing responsiveness and flexibility, reducing waste, and improving collaboration and customer satisfaction.